Monday, February 29, 2016

800AgeInfo - Information on Programs - Caregiver Support Page

800AgeInfo - Information on Programs - Caregiver Support Page

Caregiver Support

(caring for an individual)

The Massachusetts Family Caregiver Support Program (MFCSP) is

administered through a partnership with local Area Agencies on Aging

(AAAs) and Aging Service Access Points (ASAPs). MFCSP provides family

caregivers guidance, support, and attention that often is unavailable or

overlooked.  Caregivers receive individual attention to:

  • discuss their caregiving situation

  • increase knowledge of and access to resources

  • make informed decisions and solve problems related to their caregiver role

  • increase their own personal well-being including reduced stress

Family caregivers are individuals who:

  • Care for a spouse, parent, other relative or friend who is age 60 or older, or who has Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Are grandparents age 55 or older who are caring for grandchildren who are 18 years of age or younger, or who are disabled.

  • Are over the age of 55 and caring for a disabled individual who is not their child.
Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming and at times stressful,

even isolating; yet it can be meaningful and rewarding as well.  It is

critical that caregivers are aware of available services. Through the

MFCSP compassionate and knowledgeable professionals work directly with

caregivers offering a range of services that may include:

  • One-on-one Counseling

  • Family Meeting

  • In-home Assessment

  • In-home Services

  • Respite (a break for caregivers)

  • Nutrition Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Caregiver Training

  • Support Groups

  • Supplemental Services (such as assistive devices, emergency response system)

  • Financial Counseling

  • Legal Referral

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

HIPAA Compliant Communications Kit

HIPAA Compliant Communications Kit: HIPAA Compliant Communications Kit

discover what hospitals and healthcare organizations should
be doing in regards to communicating PHI between clinicians and
patients. The kit includes:
HIPAA Complaince Check List
12 Step Guide to Buying a HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Solution
3 Keys for True HIPAA Compliance

Friday, February 19, 2016

Nothing worse than not getting trained to care for persons living with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Dementia Hands-On Care DVD: "The Art of Caregiving" with Care Expert Teepa Snow

A quote from: Ethelle Lord, DM "I found something worse than
receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. It is not getting the workforce
trained in time to care for persons living with Alzheimer's whether
at home or in a care center." Ethelle Lord is President based in Maine

 Pines Education Institute of S.W. Florida
 {QUOTE}Caring for that special someone is a task that becomes harder with each day. You want to give the best possible care and quality of life, but wonder at times whether there is something you are missing.

Teepa Snow will show you in "The Art of Caregiving" how to provide the most comfort for mind, body, and soul for your person with dementia. She provides detailed, easy-to-follow explanations for daily tasks, such as helping to eat, move, bathe, or getting dressed.
Her program is a great learning tool for anyone, from beginning in-home caregiver to experienced professional.

Teepa's insights are based on a foundation of science, mixed with a genuine dose of love and understanding for people with dementia.

Learn with Teepa and share in the experience of what a positive, person-centered care approach can do for you and your loved one.
View video excerpts on {END QUOTE}