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About | Let's Talk about Dementia a blog hosted and supported by Alzheimer Scotland

About | Let's Talk about Dementia

  Let’s Talk about Dementia, a blog hosted and supported by Alzheimer Scotland and led by our allied health professional colleagues.

Let’s Talk about Dementia was
set up following on from Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week 2014 (2–8
June) which focussed on the theme “lets talk about dementia”.

Dementia is frightening. Talking about it helps us make sure that
nobody faces dementia alone and through this blog we want to keep the
country talking about it.

Allied Health Professionals
“I think people with dementia could benefit from the ‘hidden treasures’ of allied health professionals.
A dementia carer
Let’s Talk about Dementia will
share the work and practice of the allied health professionals in
relation to dementia care. It will offer advice for people living with
dementia, their carers, partners and families – focussing on topics that
range from diet and physical health to keeping engaged with your
community or remaining at home for as long as you would like. This blog
will also be a source of information for other health and social care
professional colleagues.

Let’s Talk about Dementia will:
  • Cover a range of topics and offer practical ideas, hint and tips
  • Share allied health professionals’ knowledge and expertise
  • Share links to useful resources
  • Share the work of Alzheimer Scotland
  • Share resources that you may not be aware of
  • Allow you to engage with us, share resources and discuss issues.
So let’s keep talking about dementia: at home, at work, in the street
and on the bus, in cities, towns and villages across Scotland! Enter
your email address in the right side menu and we’ll let you know when a
new post has been published.

Thank you.

Elaine Hunter

Elaine Hunter
Allied Health Professional Consultant, Alzheimer Scotland