Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grandpa in hospital use a webcam and Skype across the call to grandkids

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rising Challenger Takes On Elder-Care System

Rising Challenger Takes On Elder-Care System - WSJ.comHOME REMEDYRising Challenger Takes On Elder-Care SystemBy LUCETTE LAGNADOJune 24, 2008;

PRINCETON, N.J. -- In the spring of 2001, Bill Thomas, dressed in his usual sweat shirt and Birkenstock sandals, entered the buttoned-down halls of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. His message: Nursing homes need to be taken out of business. "It's time to turn out the lights," he declared."Green Houses," smaller, home-like environments for seniors, are a growing alternative to larger, more clinical elder-care facilities. And while the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is contributing millions to build more, obstacles remain. (June 24)Cautious but intrigued, foundation executives handed Dr. Thomas a modest $300,000 grant several months later.

Now the country's fourth-largest philanthropy is throwing its considerable weight behind the 48-year-old physician's vision of "Green Houses," an eight-year-old movement to replace large nursing homes with small, homelike facilities for 10 to 12 residents. The foundation is hoping that through its support, Green Houses will soon be erected in all 50 states, up from the 41 Green Houses now in 10 states.

"We want to transform a broken system of care," says Jane Isaacs Lowe, who oversees the foundation's "Vulnerable Populations portfolio." "I don't want to be in a wheelchair in a hallway when I am 85.


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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello.-- Skype...

About Skype
Hello. We’re Skype...

We have something to tell you.Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. Skype created a little piece of software that makes communicating with people around the world easy and fun. With Skype you can say hello or share a laugh with anyone, anywhere. And if both of you are on Skype, it’s free.

Skype is available in 28 languages and is used in almost every country around the world. Skype generates revenue through its premium offerings such as making and receiving calls to and from landline and mobile phones, as well as voicemail and call forwarding. Skype, based in Luxembourg, has relationships with a growing network of hardware and software providers and is an eBay company (NASDAQ: EBAY).

Video Skype 4.0 Beta - Introductory Demo - Skype, VOIP, Beta, Windows, message - Dailymotion Share Your Videos

Friday, May 9, 2008

social capital benchmarking study by The Boston Foundation

Building Impact: "A recent social capital benchmarking study by The Boston Foundation, cites the following compelling statistics:

* 47% of Boston respondents felt that they had encountered barriers to becoming involved in their communities.
* 40% of the above responded that occupational and workplace barriers are the greatest obstacle preventing them from being more involved.
* Close to 40% of Bostonians felt that they lacked information about how to get involved, compared to 31% of national respondents.

In summarizing the implications for the future based on these facts, the study concludes that “it is critical that there be increased local efforts to educate people about the importance of giving. A new movement to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism is called for as Boston works to build on its social capital strengths”."



Monday, May 5, 2008

Vermont offers special deals to Floridian travelers - The Boston Globe

Vermont offers special deals to Floridian travelers - The Boston Globe: "'We want to get the Floridians up here, and out of the heat,' said Steve Cook, deputy commissioner of the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing.

To that end, some inns and hotels across Vermont are planning to offer Florida residents special package deals - ranging from discounted room rates to complimentary cheese farm tours to gift baskets full to bursting with maple syrup and other locally produced goods."