Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Community Transportation Programs- Helping with Dignity and Caring 

Community Transportation Programs- Helping with Dignity and Caring : Community Transportation Programs -
Helping with Dignity and Caring
By Sandra Ray, Staff Writer
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 There are a multitude of programs available to help the elderly and disabled reach appointments, go shopping, and perform other tasks associated with daily living. Not all of these are easily accessible or easy to find. The requirements often range from proof of age or disability, to income, as well as stating that no other transportation means are available. It is easy to become discouraged with the process and give up interacting with the community at large.

Independent Transportation Network (ITN):

The Independent Transportation Network (ITN) has
developed a viable model program that can be readily
duplicated across the United States, helping to solve
some of the transportation woes that communities are
facing today. Started in 1999 as a result of research
sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration, AARP,
and the Transportation Research Board, the Maine-based
non-profit offers the program to seniors and individuals
with vision impairments.