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Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Knows No Borders Video | Alzheimer's Speaks Blog

Alzheimer’s Speaks provides a variety of platforms and forums to educate and shift our dementia care culture for professional, family caregivers and the public at large. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes collaborative and alternative approaches push society forward in search for answers and that working together and sharing knowledge is the best way to win the battle against this disease. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes it is time to shift caregiving from crisis to comfort by removing the fear and providing economical services, tools, concepts and products to those in need. For more information please visit and learn about how you and your organization can become Dementia Friendly.

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Patient Self-Determination Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Patient Self-Determination Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The requirements of the PSDA are as follows:

  • Patients are given written notice upon admission to the health care facility of their decision-making rights, and policies regarding advance health care directives in their state and in the institution to which they have been admitted. Patient rights include:

  1. The right to facilitate their own health care decisions

  2. The right to accept or refuse medical treatment

  3. The right to make an advance health care directive

  • Facilities must inquire as to the whether the patient already has an advance health care directive, and make note of this in their medical records.

  • Facilities must provide education to their staff and affiliates about advance health care directives.

  • Health care providers are not allowed to discriminately admit or treat patients based on whether or not they have an advance health care directive.

[edit] Purpose

The purpose of the Patient Self-Determination Act was to inform patients of their rights regarding decisions toward their own medical care, and ensure that these rights are communicated by the health care provider. Specifically, the rights ensured are those of the patient to dictate their future care (by means such as living will or power of attorney), should they become incapacitated.

[edit] References

  1. ^ Health Care Advance Directives - What is the Patient Self-Determination Act?. American Bar Association.

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  4. ^ Robert Pear (December 25, 2010). "Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir". The New York Times.

  5. ^ Robert Pear (January 4, 2011). "U.S. Alters Rule on Paying for End-of-Life Planning". The New York Times.

[edit] Further reading

  • Yates JL, Glick HR (1997). "The failed Patient Self-Determination Act and policy alternatives for the right to die". J Aging Soc Policy 9 (4): 29–50. PMID 10186890.

  • Leahman D (2004). "Why the Patient Self-Determination Act has failed". N C Med J 65 (4): 249–51. PMID 15481498.

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Article: OBRA regulations and chemical restraints. (Omnibus Budget ... › ... › November 1990 articlesCached - SimilarShare
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Nov 1, 1990 – Free article about 'OBRA regulations and chemical restraints. (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987)' at ... Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Care articles > November 1990 articles.

Avoiding the Urinary Tract Infection | Alzheimer's Reading Room By Carole B. Larkin

Avoiding the Urinary Tract Infection | Alzheimer's Reading Room: Here are a few tips/tricks that may help you avoid the dreaded UTI -- Urinary Tract Infection.

By Carole B. Larkin

Alzheimer's Reading Room

First, I am not a doctor, nor am I a nurse. I am an experienced Geriatric Care Manager and a woman. Over the years, I had more conversations with urologists and their nurses about urinary tract infections (UTIs) than I care to remember.


The biggest cause of UTI’s is dehydration! It’s ironic, because the thought process of many older adults is,

“if I don’t drink much, then I won’t have to go to the bathroom very often, which is better because it’s a pain in the butt (sorry again!) to get up, get over to the bathroom, partially disrobe, and then go to the bathroom and then do it all in reverse, before I get to relax in my chair or bed again.”
So they don’t drink fluids, which of course leads to dehydration, the leading cause of UTI’s and incontinence (at least in early and midstage Alzheimer’s.) So to prevent UTI’s you must be persistent in having mom drink fluids. Water is best, but among one of the hardest things to get some people to drink, so flavor it with Kool-Aid or something similar. I can’t tell you how many times my clients have ended up with UTI’s just because no one insisted that they drink!

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Stressed Anyone?

Stressed Anyone?

 Home > Other Diseases > Stressed Anyone?

Stressed Anyone?

Beat stress with our simple S.T.R.E.S.S. management Tips Stressed-Anyone A flat tyre when you are already running 20 minutes late for office – stress; not able to meet deadlines – more stress; pile-on friends coming over on weekdays – stress + grump…. there couldn’t be enough reasons to avoid this unwanted condition of getting stressed every now and then. To be honest, no one can control the “causes” of stress but yes, can learn to deal with the metal exhaustion it creates.

Try to follow the simple things, make certain lifestyle changes, and be a happy person all along!!

S.T.R.E.S.S. Management Tips

S – Sleep: In today’s time, getting enough sleep is not an easy and simple thing to find. A peaceful eight hours sleep is something a lot of people crave for and can be a cause of impending stress. Caffeine, alcohol, heavy and greasy food causes indigestion and interfere with sound sleep. Setting a routine bed time, a glass of warm milk, no television in bedroom, and washing your feet just before getting in the bed will definitely aid in a blissful slumber.

T – Time Management: A planned and organised day well in advance saves a lot of stress. Maintain an organiser to avoid forgetting important things and stuff to do. Priorities your daily chores, do first things first. Keep time slots for the day’s work and stick to it.

R – Rest and relax: Incorporate some relaxation ideas into your day. Watching your favourite TV show or reading a book, even listening to music helps in a big way. Take up a hobby or just sit by the window chatting with friends. Anything that you like doing will do the trick and ease off the mental pressure.

E – Exercise: Nothing can beat exercising in relieving stress. A good work out session post office hours will take away all the gloom and stress by surging the adrenaline rush which will make you feel good and happy. And with all that working out, the compliments that you receive will add to your de-stressing.

S – Smile more: Smiling always makes things easier in life and comes for free too!! When you smile often, you see more faces around you smiling back in response. That definitely feels great and you feel little less stressed.

S – Simplify life: Make life simple. Don’t complicate it by trying to do everything all by yourself.

Indus Health Plus (P) Ltd.

'INDUS HOUSE', Pride Port,

Model Colony,

Pune- 411 016

Maharashtra, India

Chris Cooper and Company - Managing the Cost of Terminal Illness, Part 3: Consider Palliative Care

Chris Cooper and Company - Managing the Cost of Terminal Illness, Part 3: Consider Palliative Care:

What Is Palliative Care? Written by Chris Cooper, CFP® | 18 March 2013

Palliative care is an approach to medical treatment that involves taking steps to relieve pain and improve quality of life for people with serious illnesses (such as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease). Unlike hospice care, which is specifically for people who are close to death, palliative care is for anyone with a serious illness. And it doesn't take the place of more traditional treatments—it simply offers additional services (such as help with pain, insomnia, nausea or other symptoms) in coordination with traditional care. Typically, it involves a team approach, with doctors, nurses, social workers/counselors, and perhaps even clergy members and nutritionists working together to help the patient. Palliative care considers a patient's physical health along with their emotional and spiritual needs.

While the term palliative care is relatively new, this approach to treatment has actually been around for decades and is offered by many hospitals. And there's evidence that patients who receive this type of care enjoy better quality of life. One study found that people who had advanced lung cancer and received palliative care lived longer and required less chemotherapy and hospitalization.

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Thickness Sander - Model Ship Builder

Thickness Sander - Model Ship Builder

Old age should not be approached with horror | Carers Chill4us

Old age should not be approached with horror | Carers Chill4us: Old age should not be approached with horror

A new report provides a passport for older life that does not treat over-60s as liabilities

Thursday 14 March 2013

Ageing is no longer an orderly chronological process; anarchy rules. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

Ageing is a strange and foreign country described mostly in negative terms in guide books for those whom, much to their surprise, find themselves lost in its hinterland, often unsuitably dressed and without a compass. A youth-obsessed society that makes a mint from mining the alleged horrors of growing older – all sag and no sagacity – has locked us into a set of taboos that means millions of us are moving from middle age into possibly decades of allegedly unproductive, dependent, parked-up old age without sufficient armament or attitude of mind to challenge prevailing prejudices. Except that today we may literally have been thrown the semblance of a lifeline.

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From Grief Comes A Mission To Make Estate Planning Less Daunting : NPR

Estate planning may seem like a pain, but imagine the mess you leave to those managing your affairs if you don't draw up a will or get life insurance.

"It takes really just a few hours now, rather than a pile of hours and thousands of dollars to do it later when you really need it done," says Chanel Reynolds, who created a website geared to help people get their affairs in order.

Her site — which is a NSFW riff on "get your stuff together" — features a checklist and templates for some key documents, including a will, living will and power of attorney.

From Grief Comes A Mission To Make Estate Planning Less Daunting : NPR

From Grief Comes A Mission To Make Estate Planning Less Daunting : NPR:

Estate planning may seem like a pain, but imagine the mess you leave to those managing your affairs if you don't draw up a will or get life insurance.

"It takes really just a few hours now, rather than a pile of hours and thousands of dollars to do it later when you really need it done," says Chanel Reynolds, who created a website geared to help people get their affairs in order.

Her site — which is a NSFW riff on "get your stuff together" — features a checklist and templates for some key documents, including a will, living will and power of attorney. It also suggests compiling online account usernames and passwords and putting these key documents in a safe or scanning and uploading them to a password-protected site.

Reynolds also suggests setting aside emotional items like photos of yourself, "so that when you're gone people can touch them and hold them and feel them and remember you as well."

For wills, Reynolds notes that lawyers can help, but there are also affordable online software options. "I didn't realize that creating a will, you don't need a lawyer to do it for you," she says. "In most states you need two witnesses and/or someone to notarize it. And it can save your family weeks and weeks and hundreds of hours of pain and confusion and legal costs that you probably can't afford."

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SensorPlug Motion-Sensing Outlet

The SensorPlug Motion-Sensing Outlet is a passive infrared motion sensor that’s triggered when you walk past, instantly turning on a light or even an appliance, such as a fan or a radio.

SensorPlug inserts right into a wall outlet, you don’t need to wire it in.

Thursday, March 7, 2013 entry alarms - 4 Stars & Up / Security Sensors / Security & Surveillance: Electronics

Door/Window Entry Alarm with Magnetic Sensor







STI 6400 Exit Stopper Multifunction Door Alarm, Helps Prevent Unauthorized Exits or Entries Through Emergency ...






 Enforcer Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range





MaceAlert Solo Wireless Alarm System Kit

 MaceAlert Solo Wireless Alarm System Kit components for the do-it-yourselfer

April fools in February? – US News and World Reports 2013 Best Nursing Homes Report | Senior Housing Forum

April fools in February? – US News and World Reports 2013 Best Nursing Homes Report | Senior Housing Forum: April fools in February? – US News and World Reports 2013 Best Nursing Homes Report
 27 February, 2013 by Steve Moran |


Here is Steve Moran's  take after reading the article and browsing the list:
  • US News & World Report has done a shabby job of reporting.  In fact, they didn’t do any serious reporting or they would have been more cautious about equating a 5 star rating with the highest quality care.
  • It confirms that the 5 star system continues to be flawed.  This is not to say it has no value, but I would argue that at best, it’s value is primarily as a early detection tool to identify and rule out terrible nursing homes.
  • The one reliable conclusion you can draw from the list is that the highly rated skilled buildings are experts at getting a high rating 5 star rating.
  • There are some really great skilled nursing buildings in California and other states that don’t have a 5 star rating.  In fact often these buildings take on patients with complex problems and get terrific results, but because those patients are complex it hurts their star rating.

 an invitation to a twitter chat about the report.    join the conversation.

The editor of the report also responded to the article in the comments and you might want to check that out.

Here is the information you need to join the conversation
Date: Thursday, March 7
Time: 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST
Hashtag: #BestNursingHomes
Host: @USNewsHealth

What To Do After You've Been Hacked | Gadget Lab |

What To Do After You've Been Hacked | Gadget Lab | What to Do After You’ve Been Hacked

By Mat Honan
6:00 AM

Reset Your Passwords
Immediately change the password on the affected service, and any others that use the same or similar password. And, really, don’t reuse passwords. You should be changing your passwords periodically anyway as a part of routine maintenance. But if you’ve just been hacked, it’s now more urgent. This is especially true if you reuse passwords, or use schemes that result in similar passwords (like 123Facebook, 123Linkedin, 123Google).
“Password reuse is one of the great evils and its very hard to prevent,” says PayPal’s principal scientist for consumer security Markus Jakobsson. Sites can set up password requirements — for example a character length or that a password include symbols and numbers — but they cannot force people into not reusing the same or similar passwords. “It’s very common for people to use similar or the same password but it’s very rare for people to realize that it creates a liability for them to do it and that they need to change their password after they’ve been hacked.”

Colonial Medical Motion Detector Remote Alarm 17888

Motion Detector Remote Alarm 17888

Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm 0196

Floor Mat with
Wireless Remote Alarm 0196

Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm For patients at risk of wandering or falling, caregivers need to be alerted immediately of any attempt to get out of bed or out the door.
Place this floor mat next to the bed or en route to any area that you want to monitor for unauthorized activity. When the floor mat is stepped on, the alarm will sound at both the mat and at the remote alarm location (typically in the caregiver's room).

Alarm at the floor mat can be silenced

80355 Security System calls your phone & emergncy contact

Mace Wireless Home Security System
do-it-yourself security system for your home
calls your cell phone and additional emergency contact numbers if the alarm is triggered,

Listen in on the room, broadcast your voice through the control unit, or disarm the system.

Requires only a land line with tone dialing for operation.

Telephone and auto dialer (Motion sensor on one end)

Telespy Intruder Motion Alert Telephone

Ordinary telephone that doubles as a monitoring system.
TeleSpy operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable. No monitoring fees, No false alarms

WA 2 wireless system | Magnetic Sensors, call button

(Model WA2).  The Model WA1 or WA2 also has a built-in assistance call function, with the use of our Model DA5T, (wireless push button) that provides a different audible alerting sound "momentary" for the patient that requires "non-emergency" assistance and is not wandering.

Model WARD "extra" receiver-sounder can be added to the Model WA1 system, for notification in additional areas alert that your attention is required, with a pleasant, volume controlled "latched" alerting melody without having to purchase another complete system.

WARD has a ON-OFF switch to deactivate the receiver-sounder, until the monitoring function is required.

Volume control range of "0" to 85 db
Uses 110v transformer power supply (included)
Upstairs and Downstairs locations

Wireless Magnetic Sensor for "extra" windows or doors

The WA2 is a battery operated magnetically activated sensor, that transmits a wireless signal to a remote receiver over 200' away, that emits a latching alert sound, requires attention, without startling the patient, and continues to alert until reset.

The WA-2 door chime ideal solution for doors, windows or medicine cabinets that are always kept closed.

The door sensor mounts easily on all types of doors and the Velcro adhesives (included).

WA1 Wireless Alert System

MODEL WA1 Wireless Alert System; (1) Door sensor-transmitter and (1) Wireless receiver-sounder

Sensor sends a signal over 200' away, that "latches" a pleasant volume controlled alerting sound to awake or alert the professional caregiver or home care relative without startling the patient, and continues to alert until reset.

system has several different sensors available to make any monitoring situation "simple", from monitoring a bed restricted person that requires assistance getting up from bed (Model WA1), or to monitoring doors and windows,
• Motion sensor (5" x 1" x 1")
• Receiver (2.5" x 3.5" x 1.5")
The (Model DA4TAC) is available with its own AC power supply to eliminate battery replacement for a more permanent monitoring installation.
*Motion Sensor uses (1) 9v battery (included).
*Remote receiver alert sounder uses 110v transformer (included).

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Pages when LO more than 100' AWAY from Carer

Alarm - location Sensor with Local Pager

Made for restless loved one, or loved one who wanders from Alzheimers or some form of dementia.

Alerts carer with Local call to Pager, who must be within approximately 100' o sensor.
Consider for bedside or bedroom door.

You are strongly encouraged to read user product reviews and comments when evaluating your needs and the product under consideration.

Culture change towards person-centred care in Canada

Culture change towards person-centred care: Culture change towards person-centred care in Canada

Person-centred care of people with dementia living in care homes: Executive summary

The Alzheimer Society believes that people with dementia have the right to enjoy the highest possible quality of life and quality of care. The Society believes that each person with dementia is an individual, regardless of the stage of the disease, and that care should be individually tailored to their unique needs, interests, habits and desires.

To achieve this goal, the Alzheimer Society of Canada looked for evidence-based research that shows how to successfully implement person-centred programs and practices in long-term care homes. The result of this research is the Guidelines for care: Person-centred care of people with dementia living in care homes framework, which includes the input of peop

Guidelines for care

The Guidelines for care framework consists of the following sections:

  • What does a person-centred philosophy mean?

Our most important objective is to ensure that a person-centred philosophy of care is well understood and put into practice in care homes to improve the quality of care and quality of life for people with dementia. Dignified care must become part of the inherent culture of every long-term care home.

  • What does person-centred care look like in a care home?

Person-centred care is a philosophy that recognizes that individuals have unique values, personal history and personality and that each person has an equal right to dignity, respect, and to participate fully in his environment. Person-centred care should be incorporated into all aspects of care, regardless of the resident’s condition or stage of the disease. A person-centred care home values partnerships among care home staff, people with dementia, and family members that will lead to the best outcomes and enhance the quality of life and quality of care of people with the disease. Services and supports are designed and delivered in a way that is integrated, collaborative, and mutually respectful of all persons involved, including the person with dementia, family members, caregivers and staff.

le with dementia, family caregivers, researchers, educators, long-term care home staff, and various stakeholders.


Alzheimer Society of Canada

20 Eglinton Avenue West, 16th Floor,

Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1K8

Tel: 416-488-8772 Fax: 416-322-6656

Toll-free: 1-800-616-8816


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National Senior Organizations - retirement resources directory.pdf

National Senior Organizations - retirement resources directory.pdf
  This is a publication of Suffolk Libraries Career and Resource Exchange (CARE), a committee of RASD, 2008. Disclaimer: At the time of publication, all websites listed in this directory were verified. The CARE Committee cannot be responsible for change of addresses or information


 √ Are you retired or thinking about retirement?

 √ Want to explore your options?

 √ Hoping to make a career change ?

 √ Interested in developing new skills?

 √ Concerned about your financial future?

 √ Considering relocation? If you have answered yes to any of the above, read on.

 The Retirement Resources Directory can help you in your research process! Locate the many services and resources available on both a local and national level .

 Contributors Include : Susan Altman Vicki Lever Serena Brooks Elizabeth Malafi Denise DiPaolo Grace O’Connor Roche lle Freed Fred Strum Susan Guerin Edna Susman Susa n Holden Barbara Sussman Margaret King Nancy Zulkofske Linda Knel

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Free Legal Assistance Services in Massachusetts

Free Legal Assistance
- in Massachusetts -
Click on a program name for more information:
Free Legal Assistance
Legal Services and other non-profit organizations give free legal assistance to low-income and elderly Massachusetts residents. Legal Services and other organizations also help noncitizens with immigration problems. In addition, several organizations offer free online and telephone hotline legal help with housing, public benefits, elder rights, family law, health care, and other issues important to Massachusetts residents.
Legal Services Programs

Legal Services programs throughout Massachusetts provide free legal assistance to low-income and elderly residents. Legal Services programs offer legal help with housing issues, government benefits, family law, and other non-criminal legal issues.
Legal Help Online / Hotline

Several legal organizations provide free online legal information and telephone hotlines for Massachusetts residents with legal questions about housing, public benefits, consumer law, elder law, education, tax credits, and health care.
Legal Help for Immigrants

Massachusetts immigrants can get low-cost or free legal help with green card applications, deportation proceedings, asylum cases, family-based visa petitions, citizenship, and other immigration matters. Organizations that provide legal help for immigrants offer counseling, application assistance, referrals, and legal representation.
Legal Help - Specialized

Several legal organizations in Massachusetts give free legal help to residents with specific types of legal problems:

Health Law Advocates helps people who have legal problems concerning health insurance or medical care.
Harvard Legal Aid Bureau provides free legal help to low income residents of Suffolk and Middlesex counties who have civil legal problems involving housing, family law, government benefits, and wage and hour issues
Children's Law Center of Massachusetts gives free legal representation to children and youth in crisis who are unable to afford a private lawyer
HIV/AIDS Legal Services agencies help HIV-positive residents handle legal matters related to their HIV status
Disability Law Center gives free legal assistance to Massachusetts residents with disabilities who have been discriminated against because of their disability

- See more at:

Senior Agencies in Massachusetts | Aging Services, Access Points, Councils on Aging, Senior Centers

Senior Agencies in Massachusetts: Senior Agencies in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the following agencies offer help to seniors age 60 or older and their families, friends, and caregivers:

Aging Services Access Points
Councils on Aging / Senior Centers

NOTE: Glossary words are highlighted. Click on any glossary word to see its definition.
Aging Services Access Points

Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs) are one-stop entry points for all of the services and benefits available to seniors in Massachusetts. These agencies provide information, applications, direct services, and referrals.

ASAPs manage the state-based Massachusetts Home Care Program, and work with Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), established under the federal Older Americans Act, to make sure that seniors have access to all essential services. In Massachusetts, many senior agencies are combined ASAPs/AAAs.

Massachusetts Senior Centers

Abington Plymouth County Abington 781-982-2145
Acton Middlesex County Acton 978-264-9643
Acushnet Bristol County Acushnet 508-998-0210
Adams Berkshire County Adams 413-743-8333
Agawam Hampden County Agawam 413-789-3838
Amesbury--Council On Aging Essex County Amesbury 978-388-8138
Anna Defronzo Senior Center Suffolk County East Boston 617-569-4299
Area Agency On Aging Berkshire County Pittsfield 413-499-0524
Area Agency On Aging Berkshire County Pittsfield 800-544-5242
Area Agency On Aging Highland Valley Elder Service Hampshire County Northampton 800-322-0551
Ashburnham Worchester County Ashburnham 978-827-5000
Athol Senior Center Worchester County Athol 978-249-9001
Athol Worchester County Athol 978-249-2368
Auburn Worchester County Auburn 508-832-7798
Ayer Middlesex County Ayer 978-772-8260
Barnstable Barnstable County Hyannis 508-862-4004
Barre Worchester County Barre 978-355-5004
Bedford Bedford County Bedford 781-275-4880
Belchertown Hampshire County Belchertown 413-323-0419
Belmont Senior Center Middlesex County Belmont 617-484-5501
Bethany Community Services Essex County Haverhill 978-372-7597
Beverly Council On Aging Essex County Beverly 978-921-6058
Boston Elder Info Suffolk County Boston 617-292-4762
Boston Elder Info Suffolk County Boston 617-292-6211
Bourne Barnstable County Buzzards Bay 508-743-3004
Boxford Essex County Boxford 978-887-3591
Boylston Worcester County Boylston 508-869-2972
Boylston Worcester County Boylston 508-869-6563
Brewster Barnstable County Brewster 508-896-2737
Briarcliff Lodge Adult Day Program Essex County Lynn 781-598-4570
Bridgewater Plymouth County Bridgewater 508-697-0929
Brien Center Berkshire County Pittsfield 413-442-4978
Brien Center Berkshire County Great Barrington 413-528-9155
Brighton-Allston Elderly Homes Suffolk County Allston 617-783-5490
Brimfield Hampden County Brimfield 413-245-4103
Brockton Area Multi Services Inc Plymouth County Brockton 508-583-5963
Brookline Senior Center Norfolk County Brookline 617-730-2770
Brookline Norfolk County Brookline 617-730-2777
Callahan Senior Center Middlesex County Framingham 508-620-4819
Canton Norfolk County Canton 781-828-1323
Cape Cod Home Helpers Barnstable County South Dennis 508-394-7700
Carlisle Middlesex County Carlisle 978-369-0283
Carver Plymouth County Carver 508-866-4698
Carver Plymouth County Carver 508-866-9307
Casaubon Senior Center Worcester County Southbridge 508-765-1985
Central Mass Agency On Aging Worcester County West Boylston 508-852-5539
Charlestown Senior Center Suffolk County Charlestown 401-364-6998
Charlton Worcester County Charlton 508-248-2231
Chatham Elder Services Nutrition Site Barnstable County Chatham 508-945-1783
Chelmsford Senior Center Middlesex County Chelmsford 978-251-0533
Cheshire Senior Citizens Club Berkshire County Cheshire 413-743-9719
Chicopee City of Hampden County Chicopee 413-534-3698
Chilmark Dukes County Vineyard Haven 508-693-2896
Clinton Senior Citizens Center Worcester County Clinton 978-365-9416
Coastline Elderly Service Inc Bristol County North Dartmouth 508-992-7410
Concord Middlesex County Concord 978-318-3020
Cooperative Elder Services Middlesex County Concord 978-318-0055
Council On Aging Norfolk County Stoughton 781-344-8882
Council On Aging Essex County Nahant 781-599-0647
Council On Aging Worcester County Fitchburg 978-345-9598
Council On Aging Worcester County Gardner 978-630-4067
Council On Aging Drop In Norfolk County Braintree 781-848-1963
Covenant House Suffolk County Brighton 617-277-8932
Creative Alliance Inc-Elder Care Suffolk County Jamaica Plain 617-731-1414
Cummington Council On Aging Hampshire County Cummington 413-634-2262
Daka Elderly Nutrition Norfolk County Canton 781-821-2788
Dalton Berkshire County Dalton 413-684-2000
Danvers Senior Center Essex County Danvers 978-762-0208
Dartmouth Bristol County Dartmouth 508-999-4717
Deerfield Senior Day Center Norfolk County Wellesley 781-237-8877
Dighton Bristol County Dighton 508-823-0095
Ditson Street Senior Housing Inc Suffolk County Dorchester 617-822-2656
Dorn Davies Senior Center Plymouth County Brockton 508-583-2517
Douglas Senior Drop In Center Worcester County East Douglas 508-476-2283
Dover Council On Aging Norfolk County Dover 508-785-2119
Dracut Middlesex County Dracut 978-957-0129
Dudley Worcester County Dudley 508-949-8010
Dunstable Middlesex County Dunstable 978-649-3257
Duxbury Plymouth County Duxbury 781-934-5774
East Brookfield Senior Center Worcester County East Brookfield 508-867-0166
East Longmeadow Hampden County East Longmeadow 413-525-5437
Easthampton City of Hampshire County Easthampton 413-527-6151
Edgartown Dukes County Edgartown 508-627-4368
Elder Resources Middlesex County Newton 617-928-0200
Elder Service Plan Suffolk County Dorchester 617-296-5100
Elder Service Plan Essex County Lynn 781-581-0666
Elder Service Plan Of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center/Winthrop Commu Suffolk County East Boston 617-568-4602
Elder Service Plan of the North Shore Essex County Lynn 781-715-6608
Elder Services Mashpee Senior Dining Barnstable County Mashpee 508-477-0910
Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Island Inc Barnstable County Buzzards Bay 508-563-5966
Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Island Inc Barnstable County Pocasset 508-563-5966
Elder Services Of Cape Cod & The Islands Inc Barnstable County South Dennis 508-394-4630
Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands Inc Barnstable County Cataumet 508-563-5966
Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands Inc Dukes County Oak Bluffs 508-693-4393
Elder Services Of Worc Area Inc Worcester County Worcester 508-756-1545
Elder Services Senior Dining Center Barnstable County Provincetown 508-487-2700
ElderAid Norfolk County Brookline 617-566-1563
ElderLink Norfolk County Quincy 617-629-0700
Epoch Senior Living Inc Middlesex County Waltham 781-891-0777
Erving Senior Center Franklin County Erving 413-423-3308
Ethos Suffolk County Jamaica Plain 617-522-6700
Fairhaven Bristol County Fairhaven 508-993-9455
Fall River City of Bristol County Fall River 508-324-2711
Fall River City of Bristol County Fall River 508-324-2712
Fall River City of Bristol County Fall River 508-324-2715
Fall River City of Bristol County Fall River 508-324-2717
Falmouth Barnstable County Falmouth 508-540-0196
Family Care Program Of Cape Cod Hospital Barnstable County Hyannis 508-862-5405
Family Services Of Central Massachusetts Worcester County Worcester 508-756-4646
Foxboro Norfolk County Foxboro 508-543-1252
Framingham Middlesex County Framingham 508-532-5980
Franklin Norfolk County Franklin 508-520-4927
Freetown Council On Aging Bristol County Assonet 508-763-9084
Freetown Council On Aging Bristol County East Freetown 508-763-9557
Friends of Dennis Senior Citizens Barnstable County South Dennis 508-385-5376
Friends of the Harwich Council On Aging Inc Barnstable County Harwich 508-432-6872
Friends Of Worcester's Senior Center Worcester County Worcester 508-792-2948
Frontier Senior Center Franklin County South Deerfield 413-665-2141
Georgetown Essex County Georgetown 978-352-5757
Geriatric Care Managers Of New England Suffolk County Boston 617-426-3533
Geriatric Resource Centre Inc Middlesex County Newton 617-332-7610
Grafton Worcester County Grafton 508-839-5335
Greater Boston Elderly Legal Services Suffolk County Boston 617-371-1234
Greater Lawrence Retired Senior Volunteer Program Essex County Lawrence 978-686-9407
Greater Lynn Senior Services Middlesex County Medford 781-391-3130
Greater Lynn Senior Services Essex County Peabody 781-477-4237
Greater Lynn Senior Services Essex County Peabody 781-596-8222
Greater Springfield Senior Services Inc Hampden County Springfield 413-781-8800
Greenfield Senior Lunch Program Franklin County Greenfield 413-773-3146
Groton Middlesex County Groton 978-448-1170
Hadley Hampshire County Hadley 413-586-4023
Halifax Plymouth County Halifax 781-293-7313
Hardwick Worcester County Gilbertville 413-477-6700
Harvard Council On Aging Worcester County Harvard 978-456-4120
Hatfield Hampshire County Hatfield 413-247-9200
Haverhill City of Essex County Haverhill 978-373-6397
Highland Valley Elder Services Hampshire County Northampton 413-586-2000
Highland Valley Elder Services Area Agency On Aging Hampshire County Northampton 413-585-8160
Hinsdale Berkshire County Hinsdale 413-655-2245
Holden Worcester County Holden 508-829-0270
Holland Senior Center Hampden County Holland 413-245-3163
Holliston Middlesex County Holliston 508-429-0622
Holyoke City of Hampden County Holyoke 413-322-5625
Home Helpers Essex County Salem 978-745-0302
Hopedale Worcester County Hopedale 508-634-2208
Hudson Middlesex County Hudson 978-568-9638
Hull Plymouth County Hull 781-925-1239
Independent Living Solutions Essex County Manchester 978-526-4305
Jewish Family Service of the North Shore Essex County Salem 978-741-7878
Jewish Family Svc Of Metrowest Middlesex County Framingham 508-875-3100
Jewish Rehabilitation Center Of The North Shore Essex County Swampscott 781-598-5310
JML Care Center Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Barnstable County Falmouth 508-457-4621
Kingston Plymouth County Kingston 781-585-0511
Kit Clark Senior Services Suffolk County Boston 617-288-5089
Kit Clark Senior Services Suffolk County Dorchester 617-825-5000
Lakeville Plymouth County Lakeville 508-947-7224
Lakeville Council On Aging Plymouth County Lakeville 508-947-7224
Lancaster Worcester County Lancaster 978-365-2542
Lawrence - City of Essex County Lawrence 978-620-3540
Lee Central Enriched Housing Inc Berkshire County Lee 413-394-9802
Leominster Senior Citizens Drop-In Center Worcester County Leominster 978-534-7511
Leverett Senior CTR Franklin County Leverett 413-548-9410
Lexington Council On Aging Adult Daycare Program Middlesex County Lincoln 781-259-1807
Lincoln Middlesex County Lincoln 781-259-8811
Littleton Middlesex County Littleton 978-486-3120
Longmeadow Hampden County Longmeadow 413-565-2255
Lowell City of Middlesex County Lowell 978-446-7185
Ludlow Hampden County Ludlow 413-583-3564
Lunenburg Worcester County Lunenburg 978-582-4167
Lynn Council On Aging Senior Center Essex County Lynn 781-599-0110
Lynn Senior Services Greater Essex County Saugus 781-231-5648
Manchester-by-the-Sea Essex County Manchester 978-525-2860
Mansfield Bristol County Mansfield 508-261-7368
Marblehead Essex County Marblehead 781-631-2721
Marlborough City of Middlesex County Marlborough 508-485-6492
Mashpee Barnstable County Mashpee 508-539-1440
Mass Senior Action Council Suffolk County Boston 617-350-6722
Massachusetts Association For Older Americans Suffolk County Boston 617-426-0804
Mattapoisett Plymouth County Mattapoisett 508-758-2521
Maynard Middlesex County Maynard 978-897-1032
McNamara House Suffolk County Allston 617-783-5490
Meals On Wheels Berkshire County Pittsfield 800-544-5242
Meals On Wheels Store Franklin County South Deerfield 413-665-2901
Medway Norfolk County Medway 508-533-3210
Melrose Council On Aging Middlesex County Melrose 781-665-4304
Mendon Worcester County Mendon 508-478-6175
Merrimac Essex County Merrimac 978-346-9549
Merrimac Valley Nutrition Project Essex County North Andover 978-975-3884
Methuen City of Essex County Lawrence 978-983-8825
Middleboro Plymouth County Middleboro 508-946-2490
Middleton Essex County Middleton 978-777-4067
Milano Family Senior Ctr Middlesex County Melrose 781-662-6886
Millbury Worcester County Millbury 508-865-9154
Millis Norfolk County Millis 508-376-7040
Milton Norfolk County Milton 617-898-4893
Minute Men Senior Services Middlesex County Woburn 781-933-8643
Minuteman Senior Services Middlesex County Burlington 781-272-7177
Montague Senior Center Franklin County Turners Falls 413-863-9357
Montague-Gill Council On Aging Director's Franklin County Montague City 413-863-4500
Mystic Valley Elder Services Middlesex County Malden 781-324-7705
Nantucket Council On Aging Nantucket County Nantucket 508-228-4490
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-961-3100
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-979-1574
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6143
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6170
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6177
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6208
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6211
New Bedford City of Bristol County New Bedford 508-991-6250
Newbury Essex County Newbury 978-462-8114
Norfolk Norfolk County Norfolk 508-528-1400
North Adams City of Berkshire County North Adams 413-662-3126
North Adams City of Berkshire County North Adams 413-663-3313
North Reading Middlesex County North Reading 978-664-5600
North Shore Elder Services Inc Essex County Danvers 978-750-4540
Northern Essex Elder Transport Essex County Amesbury 978-388-7474
Northfield Franklin County Northfield 413-498-2186
Norton Bristol County Norton 508-285-0235
Norwell Plymouth County Norwell 781-659-7878
Nutrition Program For Elderly Middlesex County Arlington 781-648-7500
Oakham Senior Center Worcester County Oakham 508-882-5251
Old Colony Elderly Svc Plymouth County Brockton 508-584-1561
Orleans Barnstable County Orleans 508-255-6333
Oxford Worcester County Oxford 508-987-6001
Palmer Hampden County Palmer 413-283-2670
Patterson Meredith Associates Middlesex County Concord 978-371-2071
Paxton Worcester County Paxton 508-756-2833
Pembroke Plymouth County Pembroke 781-293-6771
Peterborough Senior Center Suffolk County Boston 617-536-7154
Pittsfield City of Berkshire County Pittsfield 413-499-9346
Plymouth Plymouth County Plymouth 508-830-4170
Project Independence Adult Day Health Bristol County New Bedford 508-997-1441
Provincetown Barnstable County Provincetown 508-487-7064
Raynham Bristol County Raynham 508-824-2740
Rehoboth Bristol County Rehoboth 508-252-3372
Rochester Plymouth County Rochester 508-763-8723
Rockland Plymouth County Rockland 781-681-9284
Rose Baker Senior Center Essex County Gloucester 978-281-9765
Rowley Essex County Rowley 978-948-2231
Royal Home Services Barnstable County Bourne 508-759-0762
Rutland Council On Aging Worcester County Rutland 508-886-7945
Sandwich Barnstable County Sandwich 508-888-4737
Savoy Senior Center Berkshire County Savoy 413-743-0139
Scituate Plymouth County Scituate 781-545-8722
Seekonk Bristol County Seekonk 508-336-8772
Senior Center Berkshire County Great Barrington 413-528-1881
Senior Center & Council On Aging Hampden County Wilbraham 413-596-8379
Senior Health Center Suffolk County Cambridge 617-491-5020
Senior Resource Center Norfolk County Quincy 617-472-6600
Seniorcare Inc Meal Sites Essex County Manchester 978-526-7427
Seniorcare Inc- Meal Sites Essex County Gloucester 978-281-5128
Seniorcare Inc- Nutrition Program Essex County Gloucester 978-281-3454
Sharon Norfolk County Sharon 781-784-1530
Shelburne Senior Meals Program Franklin County Shelburne 413-625-6266
Sherborn Middlesex County Sherborn 508-651-7858
Shirley Middlesex County Shirley 978-425-2600
Sodexho Senior Services At Mt St Vincent Norfolk County Wellesley 781-416-1831
Somerset Bristol County Somerset 508-646-2833
Somerset Bristol County Fall River 508-679-0393
Somerville Cambridge Elder Services Suffolk County Cambridge 617-876-1624
Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services Middlesex County Somerville 617-628-2601
South Hadley Hampshire County South Hadley 413-538-5042
South Shore Elder Services Norfolk County Quincy 617-472-3665
South Shore Elder Services Norfolk County Weymouth 781-337-3320
South Shore Elder Services Norfolk County Braintree 781-848-8615
South Shore Elder Services Inc Worcester County Milford 617-296-2947
South Shore Senior Citizens Norfolk County Quincy 617-773-9280
Southampton Hampshire County Southampton 413-529-2105
Southbridge Worcester County Southbridge 508-764-5436
Spencer Worcester County Spencer 508-885-7546
Springfield - City of Hampden County Springfield 413-787-6124
Springfield Hobby Club Hampden County Springfield 413-739-4874
Stockbridge Berkshire County Stockbridge 413-298-3118
Sturbridge Senior's Friends The Worcester County Sturbridge 508-347-5481
Sturbridge Worcester County Sturbridge 508-347-5063
Swansea Bristol County Swansea 508-676-1831
Taunton City of Bristol County Taunton 508-821-1420
Tisbury Dukes County Vineyard Haven 508-696-4205
Townsend Middlesex County Townsend 978-597-1710
Truro Barnstable County Truro 508-487-2462
Tyngsboro Berkshire County Tyngsboro 978-649-9211
Union Towers Phase II Norfolk County Weymouth 781-335-3451
Up-Island Council On Aging Bristol County Westport 508-693-2896
Upton Worcester County Upton 508-529-4558
Uxbridge Worcester County Uxbridge 508-278-8622
Veronica Smith Senior Center Suffolk County Brighton 617-635-6120
Wakefield Council On Aging Middlesex County Wakefield 781-245-3312
Walden Rehabilitation And Nursing Center Middlesex County Concord 978-369-6889
Walpole Norfolk County Walpole 508-660-7200
Ware Hampshire County Ware 413-967-9645
Wareham Plymouth County Wareham 508-291-3130
Wayland Middlesex County Wayland 508-358-2990
Wellesley Norfolk County Wellesley 781-235-3961
West Boylston Worcester County West Boylston 508-835-6916
West Bridgewater Plymouth County West Bridgewater 508-894-1262
West Mass ElderCare Inc Hampden County Holyoke 800-462-2301
West Springfield Council On Aging Hampden County West Springfield 413-781-2214
Westford Middlesex County Westford 978-692-5523
Weston Middlesex County Weston 781-529-0203
Westport Bristol County Westport 508-636-1026
Whitman Plymouth County Whitman 781-447-7619
Williamsburg Hampshire County Williamsburg 413-268-8407
Williamstown Hampshire County Williamstown 413-458-8250
Wilmington Middlesex County Wilmington 978-657-7595
Winchendon Worcester County Winchendon 978-297-0415
Winthrop Suffolk County Winthrop 617-846-8538
Woburn Senior Center Middlesex County Woburn 781-937-7899
Yarmouth Elder Services Nutrition Site Barnstable County Yarmouth 508-398-5060
Zdorovie Senior Services Middlesex County Newton 617-795-0668