Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coordinating Care on the Rise | Federal Telemedicine News

Coordinating Care on the Rise


Telehealth is enabling improved patient care transitions, care coordination, and chronic disease management to take place in many communities. This can take place when a patient leaves the hospital to go home or to a skilled nursing facility and sometimes even back to the hospital. Poorly managed transitions can affect the patient’s health and at the same time increase costs that can result in billions of dollars in wasteful spending.


Vickie O. Morgan, RN, Clinical Director of Operations for the Home Care Division within the Riverside Health System at

works mainly with older adult patients unable to access regular medical

care. Physicians and nurse practitioners trained in primary care are

working together to develop and design a plan for the care. They are

determining if telemonitoring can be used effectively so that a smooth

transition from the hospital to the home can be achieved.

“Technology used such as a watch device or a tablet can acquire

health data by the minute”, notes Loretta Schlachta-Fairchild, PhD, RN,

retired U.S Army and now President and CEO of iTelehealth Inc. at